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Willing to build career in ‘Search Engine’ as ‘Search Engine Optimizer’,  you are at the right place ‘Join SEO Training’ – We are offering SEO Training Program whole year, this training programs are full of knowledge, case studies and analyzing all elements of Website vs Search Engine. This business training will help you to start career in search engine optimization as a employee or employer. Call Now and Register your seat today!


Our SEO Training is an opportunity for all either Intermediate, Bachelor or Master Degree Holder

We Guarantee That You’re Eligible for Job After Completing Advance SEO Training !

You will be Search Engine Expert to Bring Organic Rankings in Search Engine

You will be Expert to Index Pages in Google and Bing Search Engine


 We are offering Two SEO Training Programs


    1. Beginner SEO Training Program (Who are fresh and want to understand the Search Engine Practices)





  1. Advance SEO Training (Expert SEO Program, hereafter you can start SEO job, business or home based job)


SEO Training Course for Beginner (Course fee RS – 15,000)


Introduction to SEO:

What is SEO?

Definition of search engine optimization

Keywords analysis

Competitor & Industry analysis

Why SEO is important?

How search engines work / workflow?

How SEO changed?

Modernize SEO

What is the competition and Competitor analysis



On Site Optimization:


How search engines crawl & Index

Essential elements use in On-site optimization

URL structures and Formations of URLs case studies

Page Head Titles

Head Meta keywords and descriptions

Heading Tags and implementation

How to make a Perfect optimized page

Internal linking

Information architecture design and structure




 Off-Site Optimization:


Basic Link building

Outreach and online presence



 SEO Strategy for Beginners:


Typical KPIs

Monthly planning and reporting



Beginner Course Classes and Time Duration:


8 Weekend Classes (Saturday and Sunday)

Upto 3 Hours session per class



Advance SEO Course Outline: ( Course fee RS – 25,000)


Section 1: Introduction to SEO:


What is SEO?

Why SEO is important?

How search engines work?

Modernized SEO

Keyword research

Target markets

Keywords analysis in SEO

Competitor and industry analysis

Understand nature of search user

Conceptual overview of algorithms

SEO in context of digital marketing

Organic versus paid search results (differentiate)

How to Approach Your SEO Strategy

Background of SEO and implementation of SEO

SEO Definition and co-relate to physical marketing

How Search Engines Work and life cycle of search engine



Section 2: Keyword Research and Opportunities:


Keyword Competition

Keyword Strategies

Keyword Density

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword importance and integration

Sources for making quality Keywords

Keyword Research local and globally

Keywords making and types of keywords making

Identifying Short tail and Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords reporting and guidelines for managing customers



Section 3: Mastering OF Page Optimization:


On Site Optimization:


How search engines crawl

URL structures

Formations of URL

Content Freshness

Pages Title Tags

Domain Names

Heading Tags

File Names

Tactics to Avoid

Google Algorithm

SEO audit tools

Technical SEO audits


SEO audit checklist

Google Analytic and Google Webmaster

The perfectly optimized page

Crawling and spidering in search engine

On-site optimization fundamentals

Essential elements use in On-site optimization

IN SEO use current year copy-write and blogs

Meta keywords and descriptions

Fundamentals of meta and its importance

How meta display and efficiency of meta

Internal linking and inbound link strategy

Architecture and design structure for best SEO website

Do and Don’t of Search engine Optimization



Off-Site Optimization:



Link building

Link profiles

Link Relevancy

Outbound Linking

Reciprocal Links

Trust Rank

Cache Rank

Do Follow vs. No Follow

Image Links

Anchor Text



Site Authority

Content marketing

Strategy building for off page optimization

Social Media Marketing in SEO

Outreach and online PR

Badlinkings and Search engine practices

Briefs on Black Hat Techniques used in off-page and how to prevent

Automatic submission and Tools for checking and analyzing

Indented Listings

Widgets, Video, Images, Awards, Contests and many more



User Generated Content



Section 4: Other Considerations:


Template validation

Content Delivery Networks

Network Up-time

Web Pages Speed and loading time optimization

Website SEO Audit



Advance Course Classes and Time Duration:


16 Weekend Classes (Saturday and Sunday)

Upto 3 Hours session per class





Who Should Attend SEO Training?


This program will helps all industries students, workers, retired persons, housewives, jobless person, graphic designers, computer related persons, webmasters, site owners, web designer & developers, news people, bloggers and many others.


  • The business owner should take SEO Training to bring more leads and sales to your business from city, country and worldwide
  • Online Retailers should take SEO Training to drive high volume relevant traffic free of cost
  • Through SEO Training you can establish Online Business
  • Google Adsense Publisher, Bloggers etc. should take SEO Training Course to increase traffic to their websites
  • Web design Firms or Freelancer should learn SEO add new services.
  • Training helps Marketing executives to promote website and company profile
  • Small business owners can grow their business into big corporations.
  • Owners of e-commerce sites increase their site’s visitor to customers & conversions.
  • Web site designers can help their clients.




 Scope of SEO Training Program


We offer Business Trainings therefore after completing course you can work professionally. Anyone either from Pakistan or international can join this program.  Our scope is answering to below questions

  • Willing To Bring Top Ten Ranking in Search Engine (Google, Yahoo and Bing)?
  • Thinking To Bring Thousands of Visitors on Your Website Daily?
  • Make Money Online sitting at home or own software house?
  • Looking For a Part Time Job?
  • Thinking to Start Your Online / Virtual / Website Businesses?
  • Looking for an Increase in Your Monthly and Annual Income?
  • Secure Your Future with Digital Marketing?

  No Boundaries on Education, Gender or Age:

  • No age limitation, success has no age
  • Any Gender can take participation
  • No Academic Education Limit (English and Computer knowledge are essential)

SEO Jobs and Career Opportunity

  • SEO Trainee
  • Link Building Expert
  • SEO Associate
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Expert & SEO Team Lead
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Strategist or Analyst
  • SEO Marketing Manager
  • Director of Marketing



Naeem Rajani


Naeem Rajani
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Naeem Rajani is Professional, SEO Expert and Trainer with having extensive 12 years of experience in Online web Marketing. He is providing SEO Training and consultancy services under Crystal Workforce. He proud when people said “Getting Training under you has taken me so far in my digital career in short span of time, and got SEO Job. Student believe that they took best training in online industry”


Difference between our Business Training Versus Institute Training, We teach them practically with live case studies of the SEO Projects and After completing our SEO Course they are eligible to join any company or work from home on their website and can bring rankings and traffic on search engine.


Purpose of launching SEO Training in Pakistan is to give career to students, Polish and Train Webmaster and designer to increase scope of their work job, helping software houses and business man to look into online digital world and make their online presence and most important increase job opportunities in Pakistan and freelance SEO work from home.