EBay Store Management Packages & Services

We are specialist of eBay web store management. Our extensive experience and expertise include adding ebay listing, bulk upload, single and multi-variant ebay product listing, increase selling on ebay, order management, landing pages management and more beside this we have a good hands on authorized and ebay recommended tools and software including Turbo Lister and File Exchange. We help all small to large scale businesses offering complete e-commerce services and store management and to grow their business.



EBay Listing & Optimization can bring change in your Business Growth!


Setup a EBay Store  EBay Promotions Markdown Sales
EBay Product Listing GTC / AuctionProgram Customer Management Program
EBay Web Store Management Opportunities For Sells and Traffic Generate Sells on EBay
Product Brand and Awareness EBay Verified Reviews EBay Inventory Management

EBay product listing and Optimization Packages



Listing And Optimization Silver Gold
One Time Cost $40 $70
Product Listings 1 1
Basic Description Yes Yes 
Adding Search Terms  No Yes
Multi-Variant No  Yes
Focus Keywords  No Yes
Words Included (Per product) 300 400
Bullet Point 5 5
Optimized Product Title No Yes 
Optimized Product Description Yes Yes 
Email, Chat or Conference Yes Yes
Product Presentation & Brand Analysis No Yes
Delivery Time 3 2



EBay Store Management Packages



EBay Web-store Silver Gold
Weekly $120 $200
EBay Product listing  Yes Yes 
EBay Single Variant  Yes Yes 
EBay Multi Variant (Parent / Child) No  Yes
EBay Optimized Product Title  Yes Yes 
EBay Optimized Product Description  Yes Yes 
Suggested Backend Search Term Submission  Yes Yes 
EBay Landing Pages optimization Yes  Yes 
Drive Clicks & Ranking  Yes Yes 
Optimized “About the Product” (Bullet Points) No Yes 
Policy Pages No Yes 
Active Product Bid Management  Yes Yes 
Adding Html and picture gallery  Yes Yes 
keywords optimization and bring top rankings on Ebay Search engine  Yes Yes 
Competitor and Prices Analysis  Yes Yes 
Working on Promotion to grow and brand products  Yes Yes 
Sells Strategy Planning and Marketing No Yes 
Bring leads and traffic  Yes Yes 
EBay Markdown & Promotion Campaign No Yes 
Working Hours 10 20














* Note for all packages: There is no refund on services after getting into contract, invoices are charged for the hours and services hired for the particular time and days. Refund only apply when the work is not deliverable or canceled by us.