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Email marketing is a process in which you promotes or advertise your brands, or sites.


Emails to customers not only enhances your loyalty, trust, or brand awareness, but also established good and long term relationship. A wide range of customer checks his emails daily basics.


Email Marketing Classes and Time Duration:


2 Days Session (Saturday and Sunday)

Upto 3 Hours session per class

 Email marketing training fees Rs 8,000

Location :Shelozon Centre, University Rd, Block 15, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan




Why to Choose Email Marketing Course & Significance of course?


This is a very simple course it doesn’t require any academic qualification, I can say Email is an art to make a relationship with between the company and customers. Emails plays an important role within the company and outside. Making an Efficient Email marketing system required quality and effective landing page template, software and areas to identify the key conversion segments.


  • It has priceless marketing.
  • In this marketing don’t require much time.
  • Email marketing impact good effect on customer.
  • Targeted specific or related customers.


Factors involve in Email Marketing:


  • Adjusting reasonable objectives
  • Analyzing options for email communications preferences and profiles.
  • Defining a relevant touch strategy
  • Getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting
  • Strategies to improve delivered according to agreement
  • Information about new privacy laws, guidelines and codes




Course Structures:


  • Introduction to Email Marketing and its details.
  • Email as messengers
  • Making the Email and its keys
  • Define Landing Pages?
  • How to make The Mailing List?
  • What are Spam and Blacklists?
  • Working with Email Service Providers (ESPs)
  • Analyze Metrics & Measurement elements
  • Developing and implementing an email marketing strategy
  • Building and managing a high-quality email list
  • Making email content to lead the action
  • How to Increase email Delivery
  • Tracking email campaigns and increase its efficiency
  • How to enhance results in Email marketing?
  • Describe multi-message campaigns
  • Multichannel marketing – integrating email with offline marketing
  • Using behavioral / response-based targeting


After completing Email Marketing Course, you will be Awarded Email Marketing Certificate & an internship will be offer to the successful candidates


Email Marketing Certificate


Basic Advanced
$100 $199
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Naeem Rajani is Professional Email Marketing Expert and Trainer with having extensive 12 years of experience in Online web Marketing. He is providing Email Marketing Training and Email Marketing consultancy services under Crystal Workforce. He proud when people said “Getting Training under you has taken me so far in my digital career in short span of time. Student believe that they took best training in Email Marketing field”


Purpose of launching Email Marketing Training in Pakistan is to give career to BS and BBA students, Polish and Train Webmaster and designer to increase scope of their work job, helping software houses and business man to look into digital world and make their online presence and most important increase job opportunities in Pakistan and freelance Email Marketing work from home.

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