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Basic Adwords PPC Course Classes and Time Duration:


 4 Google Ads classes in Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Upto 2 Hours session per class

 PPC training fees Rs 20,000

 Google Ads Academy / Institute Location: Shelozon Centre, University Rd, Block 15, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan


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Advance Adwords PPC Course Classes and Time Duration:


8 Google Ads classes in Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Upto 2 Hours session per class

 PPC training fees Rs 30,000

Google Ads Academy / Institute Location: Shelozon Centre, University Rd, Block 15, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan

Google Adwords PPC Training Course Outline:


  • Introduction to Pay per Click Campaign
  • Define PPC metrics (CPC, CPM, CPA)
  • Advertising and its benefit.
  • What are keywords, competitors research and creating?
  • Define e-marketing, Video & Mobile Marketing Campaigns, and its importance?
  • Write efficient Ad Copy & Ad Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking, Bidding, and Reporting
  • Adwords PPC Management
  • Adwords best Practices with Case studies through different PPC Projects
  • Important and key features of Google AdWords.
  • Get Familiar through Google AdWords System and Interface
  • Set up accounts your account in local and international
  • Get familiar and create your own Adwords Campaigns, Ad groups and Keywords
  • Work with Keywords Planner Tool and working on KPI and other ways of creating Keywords
  • Research and Competitive Analysis while writing Ads and contents
  • Learn Opportunities to make your Ad more performing and higher returns ROI
  • Ad Previews and Diagnosis
  • Track and learn Ad performance and Quality Score within Google AdWords.
  • Integrate Conversions and Goals.
  • Working on Report and Measuring Tools


Google Adwords Training Outline / Agenda


  • Overview of Pay Per Click and other Paid (SEM) Terminologies
  • Understanding Search Engine Marketing and Placement
  • Advantages of SEM over traditional marketing methods
  • Significance of Organic Marketing versus Paid Marketing
  • Target and Segment Your Crowd and Traffic
  • Understanding of Landing Pages and Customers Physiology


Introduction to Google and Google AdWords and Start


Step 1: Signing Up for Google AdWords

Step 3: Verify your account

Step 2: Set Time Zone and Currency

Step 4: Activating Your Account




Navigating through Google AdWords


User Interface Elements

Campaigns Tab

Reporting Tab

My Account Tab

Home Tab

Opportunities Tab

Billing Tab






Understanding Google AdWords Account Structure


  • AdWords Account
  • Campaign Level
  • AdGroups Level
  • Access Management
  • Working with Keywords and Building Keyword Strategy
  • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Opportunity and Keywords Planner Tool
  • Focusing and Targeting Keywords
  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Broad Term modifier
  • Remove Irrelevant or Negative Keywords
  • Writing Effective Ads in Google AdWords
  • Understanding Google’s Text-Ad Structure
  • Call to Action or Push Marketing Phrases
  • Review of Google’s Guidelines
  • There are many other factors
  • What’re Tools & Other Networks work in PPC/SEM?
  • Creating a solid digital marketing plan
  • Aligning business objectives, strategy and tactical solutions


PPC training can be join in following capacity


  • Those who wants to have a career in Online and Digital Marketing.
  • IT Manager and Web marketers
  • SEO Professional who want to build career in Paid
  • Entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their fields.
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Anyone who wants to build career in the field of E-commerce / Web Marketing
  • Those who desire to start their own online business




  • Pay Per Click (PPC) SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Advertising is the expert marksman of digital Marketing.
  • It puts convincing campaign before focused on audiences of people taking into account their Imparted interests and displayed history.
  • With a comprehension of PPC financial aspects and customer psychology, you’ll discover your
  • Prospects in the ideal spot, at the good time.
  • What’s more, convey precisely what they need when they need it.
  • You’ll be the expert of the bull’s-eye.


After Completion of Google Adwords Training / Certification, You Will Be:


  • PPC Professional and can start career in Google Adwords
  • Confident in creation of Ad copies and better than your competitors
  • Planning and devising your business objective with perfect PPC actions
  • Proficient in analyzing and reporting campaign performance




Course # 2

Additional SEO Course That Will Help You in Analysis Website Tracking/ Reporting




Google Analytics Course Classes and Time Duration:


 2 Classes in Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Upto 2 Hours session per class

 Google Analytics training fees Rs 6,000

Location: Shelozon Centre, University Rd, Block 15, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan

Course Detail

Additional PPC Course That help your Conversion, ROI & Quality Score






Who should do this Training?


Conversion Optimization Training Course can be followed by professionals who want to particularize in Conversion Optimization and want to make his unique identity in the digital marketing industry. This course is suited for:


  • Conversion rate optimizer
  • PPC Professionals looking for increasing profits for their online business
  • Digital Marketers who want to generate profits with the help of data driven
  • PPC Trainers who are using Adwords, Bing, 7search or other Paid Platforms


Become Experts In Essential Conversion Strategies and Landing Pages Optimization:


  • Introduction of Conversion Optimization and its implementations
  • Organizing the Conversion
  • Structure of Conversion Design
  • How to develop Conversion Structure
  • Impact of Developing Momentum
  • Doing Discussion with Your Users
  • How to Research and Dimension to its.
  • Taking Action with Conversion Techniques.
  • How and why we do Page Optimization
  • Methods of PPC Conversion and how to increase sells.
  • Conversion and Math Analytics


How Google Adwords PPC course will help Professional when running Campaigns


  • The major elements of a Conversion Rate Optimization and its Techniques
  • The best way to apply CRO systems for your website, email or apps.
  • Components that can negatively impact on conversions
  • The necessary elements of successful landing pages


Search engine marketing is a complete, strong, and result oriented marketing – there are different names we use in SEM some says PPC, CPC and CPM. PPC / SEM are the process of digital / electronic marketing or we can say aggressive marketing no wait just spend some money and display your link. These days PPC plays a vital role for thousands and millions of businesses and customers. Many businesses have no time to wait and watch for the SEO results and this why SEM became an important aspect and taking a major part in an E-world. If you want quick search engine results or want to achieve your target in specific season or month, so don’t waste your time and lose your business – start your PPC marketing now.


 Now the question arises why should I spend money on people for doing SEM / PPC or Paid Marketing – so simple answer to your question, If you’re not well trained or working like a Layman than you will waste your money and couldn’t get control over your budget and you will lose thousands of dollars. So, either spend money professionally or join our training program and start getting ROI, visitors as you load your campaign.


Jobs and Career Opportunity in Google Adwords [PPC]


  • PPC Trainee
  • PPC Executive
  • Google Adwords Expert
  • PPC Expert / PPC Team lead
  • PPC Campaign Analyst or Strategist
  • Google Ads Account Manager
  • PPC Manager and Display Advertising Manager
  • Head of Paid Marketing


You will be Awarded “Google Adwords Certification” after completing Google Adwords PPC Training Program from Naeem Rajani – Certified and Experienced PPC Expert. Internship will be offer to the successful candidates


PPC Certificate


Note for Training Fees: There is no refund policy on Training after getting admission / taking first class

Basic Advanced
$250 $400
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Naeem Rajani
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Naeem Rajani is Professional PPC Expert and Trainer with having extensive 12 years of experience in Online web Marketing. He is providing PPC Training and PPC consultancy services under Crystal Workforce. He proud when people said “Getting Training under you has taken me so far in my digital career in short span of time. Student believe that they took best training in PPC field”


Difference between our Business Training Versus Institute Training, We teach them practically with live case studies of the PPC Projects and After completing our PPC Course they are eligible to join any company or work from home.


Purpose of launching PPC Training in Pakistan is to give career to BS and BBA students, Polish and Train Webmaster and designer to increase scope of their work job, helping software houses and business man to look into digital world and make their online presence and most important increase job opportunities in Pakistan and freelance PPC work from home.

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