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What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Much It Cost?


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other websites. You find a product you like, promote and gain a piece of the profit on each sale that you make. Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe an interest-sharing plan where an online automated marketing system engages in between. Affiliate marketing does not oblige any start up expense Affiliate marketer can sign up for affiliate projects offered by the individual merchants or take an interest in the marketplace. An Affiliate program does not require any Sign-up cost and charge payable to associate project suppliers. Every one of the expenses connected with a working associate promoting project is borne by the sellers.


Affiliate Marketing Course Classes and Time Duration:


 6 classes in Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Upto 2 Hours session per class

 Affiliate Marketing training fees Rs 20,000

Location :Shelozon Centre, University Rd, Block 15, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan










  • Affiliate Marketing and its detail?
  • Why Affiliate Marketing is doing?
  • Important elements Of Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • What factors are involved working in Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate Program & Products
  • Identify Market Place Or Affiliate Program
  • How To choosing Vendor/Affiliate Product?
  • What are the ideal Products for Affiliate Marketing?




  • Introductions of Market and Market Niche?
  • How to choose Marketing Niche?
  • What are Market Segment and its benefits?
  • How Market or Market Segment implements and works?
  • Pick up unique Marketing Segment
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies and its implements
  • Relevancy of INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGYwith Affiliate Product
  • Define New Visitors or Existing Visitors
  • What is the Risk in affiliate marketing?
  • Awareness about your Customers and visitors
  • What does Purchase Cycle/Buying Funnel and its requiring elements?
  • Significance of Purchase Cycle for Keyword Selection




  • Choosing Keywords For Promotional data
  • Why to use Keywords Selection for Search Engine Optimization
  • How to make Delighting Copy writing
  • Smart Content for Affiliate Marketing
  • Discovers Promotional Contents and marketers
  • Securing Contents from burglary




  • Marketing through Affiliate for Vendors
  • Affiliate Programs can be run as an in-house or outbound software house
  • Choose best Affiliate Program For Vendors
  • Practices for High Quality Affiliates traffic
  • Customer Relation Ship and support with Affiliates
  • Levels of running Affiliate Programs
  • How to earn maximum commission from vendors
  • Things for Evaluating Your own Affiliate Marketing Program


What are advantages of Affiliate Marketing?


Big Advantage of affiliate marketing is to grab potential for making the advertising and publicizing process much simpler for both parties – accepting and approving registrations and orders, generating unique deals IDs following of results, and pay only for results – purchases, registrations, etc.


The reality that advertisers pay their publishers only when another customer is presented Affiliate marketing is naturally safe, rewarded business site for both marketers and publishers.


After completing Affiliate Marketing Course, you will be Awarded Affiliate Marketing Certificate & an internship will be offer to the successful candidates.


Affiliate Marketing Certificate

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Naeem Rajani is Professional Affiliate Marketing Expert and Trainer with having extensive 12 years of experience in Online web Marketing. He is providing Affiliate Marketing Training and Affiliate Marketing consultancy services under Crystal Workforce. He proud when people said “Getting Training under you has taken me so far in my digital career in short span of time. Student believe that they took best training in Affiliate Marketing field”


Difference between our Business Training Versus Institute Training, We teach them practically with live case studies of the Affiliate Projects and After completing our Affiliate Course they are eligible to join any company or work from home.


Purpose of launching Affiliate Marketing Training in Pakistan is to give career to BS and BBA students, Polish and Train Webmaster and designer to increase scope of their work job, helping software houses and business man to look into digital world and make their online presence and most important increase job opportunities in Pakistan and freelance Affiliate Marketing work from home.

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