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SEO Training Course

IF you want to build career in SEO or recognize as SEO Expert,  you are at the right place to Joi... more

PPC / SEM Training

Search engine marketing is a complete, strong, and result oriented marketing – there are different... more

Social Media Marketing Training (SMM Training)

Bring quality visitors and Brand popularity through Social Media Optimization [SMO] (Facebook,Twit... more

Facebook Training Course

Facebook is a powerful platform for engaging traffic and audience. This powerful program will giv... more

Email Marketing Training:

Email marketing is a process in which you promotes or advertise your brands, or sites. Emails t... more

Affiliate / Marketplace Training

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Much It Cost? Affiliate marketing is the process of earning... more

SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization and RE-Optimization Services

 We... more

PPC Services

Naeem Rajani has been working from last 12 years in Adwords PPC and ... more

SMW Services

Some social media sites could be just a constructive platform to exp... more

Amazon & Ebay Store Management Services

We are Marketplaces leader, Expert and Specialist of Amazon, eBay, Sears, Buy, Wallma... more

CHOOSING EXPERT SEO, PPC, SMO, Amazon & Ebay, Under One Experience

Experienced and diverse companies experiences of improving online, digital and physical business with having versatil...


We will Train you on the Following Courses

  • 05/Jun

We will Train you on the Following Courses

Training #1: Digital marketing overview. Learn the process of digital marketing.

Training #2: Web Read more

Begin your SEO & PPC Journey with Naeem Rajani

  • 29/May

We are Expert, Consultant & Web Marketing Strategist
SEO | PPC Management | Internet Marketing

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Tomer D.

I have chosen Naeem for my Amazon 'Nexpa' and 'Nextgo' Account and found him very good, and my sells has been increased over 200% in four weeks at Amazon. Good Job Naeem

Wijdan A.

I endorse Naeem for Adwords, SEO, Social media marketing, Facebook marketing, Social media management, Amazon Store Management, Ebay Store Management and Pay Per Click. I like him personally. Thanks bro for all your support